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Love And Hip Hop Hollywood episode 2

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On this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, several cast members decided to embrace adulthood and leave their petty, stubborn ways in the past…or at least for this week, anyway.

Moniece shocks Fizz by revealing some unresolved feelings about their previous relationship, Miles breaks new ground with Amber, Ray J sees the error in his cheating ways, and Princess attempts to call a truce with Teairra once again.

Let’s get into the LHHH season 2, episode 11 recap highlights!


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Fizz and Moniece meet up to go school shopping for their son Kameron and Moniece is surprised when Fizz asks her to be the lead model in his upcoming music video. Despite her surprise, she agrees to do the video given that he’s been so supportive of her efforts to do better with co-parenting as of late. She also admits that although she is currently happy in her relationship with Rich, some of her old feelings for Fizz are beginning to return now that they’re getting along. When Moniece light-heartedly questions Fizz about who he’s currently dating, her interest is piqued when he cautiously admits to being involved with Nikki.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

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Later, things go well at Fizz’s video shoot with Moniece as the lead model. Once they wrap the shoot, Moniece sits Fizz down to tell him about her resurfacing feelings for him. Fizz listens intently as she tells him that she’s beginning to fall back in love with him now that she’s able to experience a work-life balance where he is involved and has in turn began to wonder what life would be like with them raising their son together. When Moniece then asks Fizz if similar thoughts ever cross his mind, he reluctantly says that he’s unsure if he could see them in that space again for fear that they would end up back on bad terms, which he says would ultimately end up negatively affecting their son Kameron the most. Visibly disappointed, Moniece responds by telling Fizz that the man he has become now is the person she envisioned herself marrying and raising their son with 5 years ago. As she tearfully struggles to come to terms with the fact that her decision to walk out on their relationship may never be able to be reconciled in Fizz’s eyes, he attempts to comfort her by telling her not to beat herself up about the way things could have played out and to try focusing on the fact that they are in a good place as friends and co-parents now. While he’s thankful that they’re on good terms, Fizz admits that the type of love he had for Moniece when they were dating is not something that will return for her again.

Brandi reveals that her younger sister has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She meets with her sister, their mother and their grandmother where they discuss her condition as a family and Brandi reassures her sister that everything will be ok. Later, Brandi takes a walk on the beach with Max to try and take her mind off of her sister, where she thanks Max for supporting her and their family as they deal with her sister’s diagnosis.

Milan Christopher & Brittany Lewis

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Miles reveals that half of his family has stopped speaking to him in light of him coming out and says he even got into a fistfight with one of his nephews over the news. In the midst of the drama with his family, he is hopeful that he and Amber can move towards getting back to being best friends. They meet up in the park to talk and Amber admits that even through her hurt, she still loves Miles and wants to try and be a friend to him during this difficult time. As they begin talking, Miles is not happy to hear Amber reveal that she told her daughter Zoe the truth about Miles being gay without him present, but when Amber says she didn’t want to risk Zoe hearing it elsewhere given that Miles has been the only father figure she’s had since birth, he understands why it needed to be done. Miles is surprised but relieved to hear Amber suggest that they both let go of all the hurt that they’ve caused each other in their relationship and figure out how to get back to happiness as friends.

Masika & Nikki

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Nikki decides to surprise Fizz with a pop up visit to his video shoot after feeling bad for turning down his offer to be the lead model in the video. When she mentions that she saw Moniece on her way in, Fizz tells her about Moniece confessing that she still loves him and also expressed how shocked he was to hear about her feelings for him. Nikki is equally as shocked given that Moniece is in a relationship with Rich, but also says she would step aside if Fizz wanted to try and make things work with Moniece since they have a child together.

Ray J and Princess Love at the 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards

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Ray J stops by Princess’ apartment where she’s busy at work preparing for the fashion show. Although she’s not exactly excited to see him, she lets him in anyway and they briefly catch up. When Ray J says he’s looking forward to supporting her at the fashion show, he’s upset to hear her tell him that she’d rather he not be there and even questions whether or not she has another man coming to support her instead. She laughs off his assumption and quickly changes the subject to her recent visit to Texas where she reconnected with her father for the first time in 10 years. She admits to realizing that her father’s absence in her life likely caused some of the problems in her relationship with Ray.


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As the night of the fashion show arrives, Hazel decides to leave before it even starts after getting a text from Teairra warning her that she’s planning to crash the show. Milan is then left to tell Princess and Nikki that Hazel quit, but they take the news in stride and vow to pull it off successfully anyway. Just as the fashion show is coming to an end, Moniece lets Teairra and her models in through a side door where they crash the runway wearing designs from her blazer line. Teairra eventually gets on the mic to insist that she didn’t crash the fashion show with ill intent and even compliments Princess on her designs. Princess refuses to believe Teairra’s comments are sincere and Milan steps in to thank everyone for coming and ends the show before things get out of hand.

Ray J/Princess Love

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As she’s leaving the show, Princess is surprised to walk outside and see Ray J waiting for her. He presents her with flowers and propositions her again to work out their relationship. Although she admits to still loving him and wanting to work things out, she tells him that they need to keep things on a friendship level for now. Ray J is disappointed but agrees to start over as just friends.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

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Nikki invites Teairra out for drinks to sit down and talk with her, Milan and Princess about what happened at the fashion show after it’s over. Princess is annoyed when she arrives to see that Moniece has also come along with Teairra, but keeps calm for the time being. When Nikki and Milan express to Teiarra that they felt her crashing the show was disrespectful, she apologizes but says that she felt they tried to push her out of the show altogether and wanted to prove that she was more than capable of doing her part. Princess then begins to speak on wanting she and Teairra to put their differences aside once and for all for the sake of working peacefully together in the same industry. Nikki and Teairra both chime in to agree with Princess, but things go left when Moniece interrupts the conversation to remind Teairra of Nikki and Hazel bringing Princess in behind her back. Princess questions why Moniece is even there and when Teairra tries to get to the bottom of why Moniece and Princess don’t get along, Princess and Milan bring up Moniece throwing a drink on Princess during her altercation with Teairra at the day party earlier in the season. The conversation ends with Princess throwing a drink on Moniece before security steps in to prevent an altercation.

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