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Remember that dude from last week who ate one of Patti LaBelle‘s sweet potato pies and was then somehow blessed with Patti’s voice?

Well, the video went viral and the baked goods started flying off the shelves, and now Walmart is having a ton of trouble restocking the pie. A Walmart publicist said Patti’s pie page is the most visited on their site and their stores sold one pie per second last weekend for 72 hours straight. Eventually, Walmart’s senior buyer of cakes and pies (yes, that’s a real job) released a video admitting that the chain store was initially unaware of the reason behind the spike, but they’re trying to get the pies back in stock as soon as possible.

The company is, in fact, making huge strides to satisfy the demand; they’ve obtained 2 million pounds of sweet potatoes and employees are working to whip up those pies as quickly as they can. For people who can’t wait, the recipe is in Patti’s cookbook, Patti LaBelle’s Lite Cuisine. 

So, you technically could be in the kitchen cooking pies with your baby this holiday season.

SOURCE: Jezebel | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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