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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

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This week was the final curtain call for Love And Hip Hop Hollywood season 2 and as you might expect, more than a few of the cast members closed things out with a bang. Milan meets Miles’ family, Rich finds out about Moniece’s love for Fizz and one cast member even gets a surprise proposal.

Let’s get into the highlights from the LHHH season 2 finale.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

After not getting the response that she was looking for from Fizz when she revealed that she was falling back in love with him, Moniece shifts her focus back to her relationship with Rich. She and Rich meet up to talk and he fills her in on his meeting with Fizz. Moniece is glad to hear that Rich was able to have a civil conversation with Fizz and quickly changes the subject back to ring shopping. Although he recognizes early signs of Moniece’s inner “bridezilla,” Rich says he’s actually open to the idea of settling down with her and suggests that they also go shopping for a man’s ring.

Ray J and Princess Love at the 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards

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Ray J says he’ll do “anything in the world” to get Princess back and she’s shocked when he brings her to a new home that he says he’s just purchased for the two of them. She appreciates the gesture but is skeptical of whether or not he’s truly really ready to change his ways. Despite her reservations, Princess tells him that she loves him but reminds him that the reason she left in the first place was because she didn’t feel secure in their relationship. She says she’ll agree to move in with him and revive their relationship under the condition that he puts the house in her name. Ray J realizes putting the house in Princess’ name is a big deal but says he already had it in his plans. The two of them happily embrace as he tells Princess that he’s already begun making moves to get the house in her name.

Masika & Nikki

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Rich attends a fashion week event for his friend where he runs into Nikki. Nikki makes her way over to him, eager to tell him about Moniece declaring her love for Fizz. After they exchange brief small talk, Rich casually mentions Monience and Nikki takes her opportunity to tell him what happened. Rich is shocked to learn that Moniece was the lead in Fizz’s music video and says that while he’s glad Moniece and Fizz are getting along, he finds it weird. He becomes even more infuriated when Nikki reveals that Moniece told Fizz she was still in love with him. He admits to Nikki that he is in love with Moniece and that they’ve even been discussing ring shopping, but says there’s no coming back from this for Moniece in his eyes.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood episode 2

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Later, Rich visits Moniece at the studio to confront her about Nikki’s revelation. He says that although he loves Moniece, Nikki’s news is hurtful. He starts the conversation with Moniece by recounting all that he’s done at her request in an effort to change his ways and make things work between them before going on to imply that he now feels it’s all been in vain. Moniece remains confused until Rich reveals that Nikki told him about her revelation to Fizz. She tries to insist that she never said anything about wanting to move forward with Fizz, but Rich refuses to believe her. As Moniece attempts to explain, Rich opens his hands to reveal a red ring box and becomes angry while telling her that he feels played as he had planned to propose before finding out that she still loves Fizz. Rich ends their heated argument by throwing the ring box at Moniece and storming out. Moniece remains seated in shock.

2015 BET Awards - Arrivals

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Apryl reminisces about how far she and Omarion have come together while speaking briefly about how amazing it’s been bringing their son Megaa along on tour. She also says she couldn’t be more proud or supportive of Omarion after seeing him works so hard. Despite being glad for Omarion’s success, Apryl admits that she still feels like her time to shine as an artist is passing her by.

Chris Brown's One Hell Of A Nite Tour - Ka

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Later, Apryl opens up to Omarion again about wanting to move her career forward as they head to the next stop on the tour. She expresses to him that she feels she should be more focused on getting her physique up to par and isn’t convinced when Omarion replies by insisting that he knows exactly how she feels about wanting to make sure she’s not missing her moment. To Apryl’s surprise, Omarion then instructs the tour bus driver to pull over and they pull up to a local recording studio so she can put in some work. The two head inside after Apryl thanks Omarion for keeping good on his promise not to forget about her dream.

Milan Christopher & Brittany Lewis

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Miles reveals that his mother found out about him coming out before he got a chance to tell her. He meets up with his family to tell them that Milan will be joining them to meet them for the first time shortly. Miles’ mother and sister are moved to tears when reiterating to him that although it will likely take some time before the rest of their family will come around, they will love him in the end for the person that he is. Miles is hopeful that his family will be as welcoming to Milan as they are of his sexuality.

Milan Christopher

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Milan arrives to meet Miles family just as they are finishing up their conversation. The atmosphere immediately becomes tense and Miles’ family grows silent when Milan introduces himself as Miles’ boyfriend and says he felt it was important that he meet them since Miles made the decision to come out to them. Milan is taken aback when Miles’ mother questions why Miles has yet to meet his family and also brings up provocative photos he’s taken that are now on the Internet. Miles mother tells Milan that he shouldn’t be giving up his morals and values to become successful, insinuating that the photos he took imply as much. Milan reveals to Miles mother that his own mother disowned him when he came out to her and is surprisingly relieved to hear Miles mother and sister both say that they won’t judge him for his sexuality but are instead concerned with whether or not he has Miles’ best interest at heart. Miles sister goes on to let Milan know that they will accept him into their family and always look out for him as they do Miles in support of her brother. The meeting ends with hugs and with Miles’ sister warning Milan that if he screws Miles over, he’ll have to deal with her.

Willie & Shanda

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Willie, Shanda, Brandi Max and Nicki show up to support Fizz at the launch party for his new video “Good Lotion” starring Moniece. Fizz gives a shoutout to a non-enthused Moniece as he closes out the launch party and Moniece then begins to make her way over to Nikki to confront her about spilling the beans to Rich. Moniece jumps right into the convo after quickly greeting Nicki and Shanda, immediately questioning Nikki as to why she ran back to Rich to report on her revelation to Fizz when she wasn’t actually present to hear what was said.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood episode 2

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When Moniece then tells Nikki that meddling in her personal business, which resulted in Rich calling off his proposal to her is cause for things to get physical, their argument escalates. Fizz expresses his frustration with the ladies “ruining” his night but they ignore him and continue arguing.

2014 Soul Train Music Awards - Gifting Suite - Day 1

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Things reach their peak when Moniece puts her finger in Nikki’s face, causing Fizz to step in between them and Moniece to swing at Nikki before with Fizz and security holding her back. Upon seeing Nikki under attack, Brandi emerges from where she’s seated to jump to Nikki’s defense and physically attack Moniece. Fizz tells Moniece that he’s disappointed in her for attacking Nikki after he thought she’d turned over a new leaf. Moniece ends up leaving the event following her blow up with Nikki and Brandi.

2015 BET Hip Hop Awards - Arrivals

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The episode ends with each cast member recapping their storyline for the season and revealing what’s next for each of them. The most shocking of conclusions comes when Ray J is shown proposing to Princess with a diamond ring.

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