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Tiger Woods Golf Clinic in Mexico City

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The sports legends of yesterday haven’t been having great final acts. Peyton Manning has been playing so badly that he got benched, and Kobe Bryant is bricking way more shots than he should. The trend sort of started with Tiger Woods, who was having the worst year of his career last year and making shots like this:


Woods’s year ended when he had to have back surgery, his second in two years. However, his back issues are so bad that his future is looking grim.

Woods didn’t seem too optimistic about returning to form in his interview with Time. His back injury, like Manning’s neck injury, is related to his nerves. This means that he may never return to full, golfing functionality.

There’s no timetable. And that’s a hard mind-set to go through. Because I’ve always been a goal setter. Now I had to rethink it, and say, O.K., my goal is to do nothing today. For a guy who likes to work, that’s a hard concept for me to understand. I’ve learned a little bit of it, I think. I know that, one, I don’t want to have another procedure. And two, even if I don’t come back and I don’t play again, I still want to have a quality of life with my kids. I started to lose that with the other surgeries.

Woods’s rehab progress is so unfortunate that his main focus is doing something many of us take for granted: “I walk 10 minutes on the beach. That’s it. Then I come back home and lie back down on the couch, or a bed.”

Does Woods have another comeback in him near the age of 40?


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