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Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

It’s looking like Tara is keeping up this charade about getting married. She can’t be serious about walking down the aisle, but until her situation falls through, she is in full on Bridezilla mode, and driving Jenna and Kelly, who have been appointed as her twin maids of honor, crazy.

Tara is so bad that got banned from the venue she was considering for the engagement party, despite having already sent out invitations. Jenna and Kelly try to troubleshoot, but they start arguing about their own issues that need to be worked out. Kelly’s new assistant has been making Jenna’s life hell since they now both work from home. Let’s just say, the assistant is way too overzealous (like forcing Jenna to make appointments to speak to Kelly overzealous), and Kelly doesn’t make the situation any better when Jenna expresses her concerns. In Kelly’s mind, “Jenna doesn’t really work” and shouldn’t be that bothered by the assistant’s extra behavior in the first place. Ouch.

You know Kelly and Jenna ride or die girlfriends, though, so this tension doesn’t last too long. They’re back on by episode’s end.

Later on, our suspicions about Tara start to flare up again when we watch she and her fiancé enjoy dinner…until the conversation starts. It turns out that he’s Tara’s ninth fiancé, but you’re not surprised right? Speaking of surprises, Tara’s fiancé thinks actually wants to skip all the parties and events, and just get married justice of the peace style. Tara doesn’t like that idea, not because she’s dramatic and needs an over-the-top wedding, but because she’s not really ready to get married. We know this when she complains about her ring being too tight. Chiiiiiile…

Later on, Tara tells Jenna and Kelly that she doesn’t want to break the engagement with her fiancé because she loves him. But we know Tara, so let’s just start the count down clock.

Maybe she’ll get real with herself by next week’s episode.


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