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Born Again Virgin Cast

Source: Kyle Christy / TV One

Kelly and Tara left Jenna alone for the holidays to visit their families. This is Jenna’s first Christmas Eve alone, but of course, she figures out a productive way to stay busy by going to church. Church is a great place to go when you’re a born again virgin who needs to keep your mind off sex until you realize you have a new sexy pastor. Yup, the hot new Reverend Sykes made his presence known by telling Jenna that he was a fan of her blog, and just like that Jenna started thinking about sex again. No one could blame her, though, the man was cute, but at least she managed to keep it cool.

After church, she did a very random thing (this is Jenna though, so we’re not surprised at this point) by inviting a homeless man she bonded with to her place for a shower and some dinner. Eventually, Tara and Kelly came back home because an impending storm ruined all travel plans, and they were definitely startled by Jenna’s guest.

Speaking of said guest, his name is Tobias, by the way, and he strongly resembled either Jesus, or Charles Manson depending on how you look at it. He also has to spend the night because you can’t just kick the man out after inviting him over, out of the kindness of your heart…can you? Anyway, Kelly, Tara and Jenna freaked out after Googling Tobias because it seems like he might have killed his ex wife. They fell asleep together, and with weapons clutched just in case anything popped off, only to wake up to the glorious smell of bacon on Christmas morning.

Tobians cooked them breakfast just in time for Reverend Sykes to stop by (after Jenna called him repeatedly the previous night for help) to tell them that what they read about Tobias was a false report and that his wife was a missing person who was eventually found…with the man she cheated on Tobias with.

So, in the name of Crimmus, this episode was a reminder to be kind, and to never assume anything about someone’s life if you’ve never walked in their shoes. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Anyone else miss Donovan?


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