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Ben Carson

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The famed retired neurosurgeon, who recently claimed that President Barack Obama isn’t “really Black,” recently hinted that he is this close to ending his tired a$$ presidential campaign run, the New York Times reported. This news comes one day after Super Tuesday, where the once GOP front-runner performed horribly, earning only a measly three delegates, while Donald Trump won a whopping 234 delegates, confirms.

In a recent statement, Ben Carson said that he will not participate in the upcoming FOX GOP debate on March 3 in his hometown of Detroit because he “sees no path going forward. He added, “However, this grass-roots movement on behalf of ‘We the People’ will continue.”

Not sure what that means, but his vagueness will hopefully be cleared up on Friday as he will “provide more details” the Times predicts.

Carson, who early on threatened Donald Trump’s reign, has had one strange ride from being a force to be reckoned with to a force to be laughed at. Not sure what happened to the strong support during his once promising campaign, but it’s believed it dwindled after a slew of missteps, including lackluster sedated debate performances and uber weak turnouts in early primaries. And then there were his problematic stances on issues including, “compar[ing]the United States to Nazi Germany, declaring that men’s behavior in prison indicated that homosexuality was a choice, and saying the Affordable Care Act was the worst thing since slavery,” the Times noted.

Of course in the wake of this news, Twitter can’t help but to throw shade Carson’s way:

And then there is this:

It’s undeniable that Carson did has an amazing story. The Atlantic writes that while being raised by “an illiterate single mother in Detroit, Carson rose to become a Yale student, a doctor, the youngest head of a division at John Hopkins, and a pioneer in neurosurgery.”  And yet, despite white America loving a fairy tale about one pulling themselves up from their bootstraps, Carson’s own personal narrative (or his disdain for President Obama) just wasn’t enough to sober up Republicans from their addiction to the hatred crack Trump has been pushing.

Oh well. Uncle Ben, we wish you luck with your future endeavours.

[SOURCES: New York Times, HeavyThe Atlantic


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