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Head and shoulder of female teacher with mathematics equations on the chalkboard, Cape Town, South Africa

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Student In Custody After Distributing Teacher’s Naked Photos

Leigh Anne Arthur, 33, left her phone on her desk in her South Carolina classroom. In the few minutes that she stepped out of the class a 16-year-old student took Arthur’s cellphone. The teen went through her photos which included naked pics meant for her husband. The teen copied the images with his phone and then threatened Arthur, who had been teaching for 13 years that her “day of reckoning” was coming soon. The student proceeded to distribute the images to his classmates. Police have charged the boy with aggravated voyeurism and he’s currently in juvenile detention. Arthur says she was “forced” to resign a week later. Her students have created an online petition in hopes of her return. In the midst of Arthur’s personal crisis which has impacted her life and her former student’s she said, “I forgive you. It doesn’t make it anymore right. But what’s done is done and I hope you learned your lesson.” However, according to reports she plans on pressing charges against the teen. WSPA

Gang Members Sentenced In Murder Case

Cordarius Genard Wyatt, Reco Rodriges Hart and Kevin Hambrick all pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of Adunte Carr. The three assailants as well as the victim were members of the Bloods gang. They had an altercation in a car when the shooting took place on May 15, 2014. During their trial Hart, Wyatt and Hambrick entered Alford pleas, where they are maintaining their innocence but admitting to violating Georgia’s organized gang statute. Wyatt was sentenced to 20 years with 12 years to serve in prison and eight years on probation. Hart was sentenced to 18 years with 12 years to serve in prison and six years on probation. Hambrick will serve 10 years of a 15-year sentence in prison, and serve the remainder on probation. AJC

NYPD Admits Senior Citizen Was Wrongfully Tasered

A 911 operator failed to relay crucial information to the police which resulted in dire consequences.

While John Antoine was in his kitchen cooking soup, police burst into his home and tasered him in the head and the leg. Authorities were responding to a call that there was an emotionally disturbed man threatening to commit suicide at the Brooklyn residence. What the operator had not relayed was that the the suicidal man was in actuality Antoine’s granddaughter’s boyfriend. The couple had left the home by the time police arrived. Antoine, 86, was initially charged with “harassment” and viewed as a threat to police for not dropping the knife. He also had an onion in his hand when he was assaulted. Charges has since been dropped and Antoine has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the city. NY Daily News

Cemetery Refuses Certain Burials Based On Race

Following the death of Donna Barrera’s husband Pedro, she wanted to burry her husband of 44 years in San Domingo Cemetery. Jimmy Bradford, head of the San Domingo Cemetery Association, has denied Barrera’s request because Pedro was Hispanic. Bradford’s grandfather donated the land to be used as a cemetery for “the people of Normanna” who aren’t black or brown. KIII News contacted the NAACP and the state legislature on Barrera’s behalf to try and get the law enforced which bans racial discrimination. In the 1948 Supreme Court Case, Shelley v. Kraemer. The Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal to deny rental or property purchase opportunities to certain people based on their race. Barrera is planning to sue the San Domingo Cemetery Association. HuffPost/KIII News


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