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Jhené Aiko knows how to leave fans speechless. Last year, she showed this magical skill off during an interview with Billboard, where she seemed to take an interviewer’s breath away with her mystical stare. The moment became a viral sensation. Here, let’s take a look:

The full interview is much better, but those pauses remind us of how many times Jhené has actually left us at a loss for words. This week, she did it again on her 28th b-day, no less, when the world found out that she’d been married to Dot Da Genius (thanks to Dot Da Genius, of course).

Sure, rumors swirled around the couple for a while, but the confirmation still had everyone in awe. To celebrate the occasions (both her birthday week and her marriage), we dug up some more moments when Jhené left us speechless with her talent, beauty, and soul.

Click through every time the star left fans speechless below.


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