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With Easter just days away, it looks as though someone has upset the holiday’s favorite bunny. NBC Washington reports the mascot lost his cool with parents in a New Jersey mall on Sunday, resulting in a huge fight and a trip to the ER.

Jersey City police say The Newport Center Easter Bunny got into a fight with the father of a one-year-old who slipped from the costumed creature’s chair. Witnesses stated after the girl fell, the father attacked the 22-year-old worker for over a minute.

After the two were broken up by officers and shoppers, the Bunny emerged again and managed to strike the father a few times.“He curb-stomped him,” the man behind the camera is heard saying. “The Easter Bunny got in a fight.”

Both men were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Twitter user @2jrb123’s footage of the fight went viral on Sunday afternoon.

No charges have been filed in the incident.

SOURCE: NBC Washington | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform, Twitter


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