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Crime: Policeman gives driver a traffic ticket.

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Man Pretends To Be A Police Officer In Order To Receive Sexual Favors

Isiah Delvalle works for parking enforcement in Brooklyn. He allegedly flashed his badge which says “police department-traffic” to a prostitute and he reportedly told her she was going to be arrested if she didn’t give him oral sex. The woman spit out evidence from the act into a piece of cardboard which she bought to the police station. Officers put the DNA on file and it wasn’t long until they received a similar complaint from another prostitute. Police subsequently arrested Delvalle and he was charged with criminal sexual act, criminal impersonation, sexual misconduct, sexual abuse and coercion. The 27-year-old has since been arraigned and released on $10K bail. NY Daily News

Journalist Convicted For Participating In Black Lives Matter Protest

Mary Moore was one of several dozen journalists who were arrested outside the Ferguson Police Department on October 2, 2014 for filming a protest. Moore and the others were charged with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest which has since been dismissed. However, a judge imposed a suspended sentence on her failure to comply conviction. This means she won’t be punished if she remains out of trouble for the next year.“This is Ferguson’s way to control how we cover the news [and] exercise our rights” said Morre. Several of the journalists have sued and at least one has won a legal settlement against the Ferguson Police Department. The Department of Justice has also launched an investigation into whether Ferguson officers are intentionally making misaligned arrests that violate people’s civil rights. Huffington Post

EMS Supervisor Fired For Distasteful Comments About Tamir Rice

The death of Tamir Rice has made national headlines since November 2014 when police shot the 12-year-old boy for playing with a pellet gun in the park. On a Facebook post about Rice, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Captain Jamie Marquardt commented “Tamir Rice should have been shot and I am glad he is dead…I am upset I did not get the chance to kill the little criminal.” An investigation was launched and Marquardt has since been fired from his position. A city spokesman called the post “egregious.” Marquardt maintains that his phone was hacked and he claims that he did not write the comments “Someone picked up my phone and made some awful posts under my name. I want to apologize for those who thought it was me” he said. FOX 8

Woman Lost At Sea While On Vacation; Controversy Ensues 

While vacationing with her boyfriend in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Savannah Rey Finn was swept away in “treacherous waters” at Peterborg Point. While her boyfriend and a friend survived, Savannah’s body has yet to be found. When news broke of the incident a “Bring Savannah Home” Go Fund Me page was established requesting $25K to fly her family from Florida to the Virgin Islands, funeral arrangements, etc. The only issue, the immediate family had not set up the page and many people became skeptical about the legitimacy of the story and why so much money was needed. Savannah’s parents have since contacted GoFund Me to suspend the page and to confirm that the search for the 22-year-old is on going but they aren’t in the need of the money at this time. Family has since requested that people donate to the St. Thomas Volunteer Rescue Unit, which is still searching for the victim’s body. NBC 6


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