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A Michigan family is demanding answers in the death of their 46-year-old daughter who died at a Michigan dentist’s office while getting her teeth pulled on Friday. April Walters, who on an oxygen tank and suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, sarcoidosis and other health issues, was approved for the minor surgery because of an infection Fox 2 New reported.

So what happened?

According to Amber Waddell, Walters’ daughter, a medical assistant was concerned about Walters’ heart rate and suggested to the dentist that they wait, but the dentist said that they were “fine” as they proceeded removing 16 out 18 of her teeth before the dentist stopped and told Winters that she may need to go to the doctor. But the dentist left and came back “5-10” minutes later,

Her sister Crystal Cutright, who was in the waiting room, was told to take her the doctor and as they tried to get her in the car, Walters said she couldn’t breathe. Cutright ran back into the dentist office asking for help, but no one knew CPR and only offered oxygen tanks, Fox 3 noted.

“They didn’t do CPR or anything. They were just rubbing her chest,” she said. Then according to Cutright, the dentist yelled, “I told you to take her to the hospital.” To which Cutright responded, “I have to get her in the car in order for that to happen.”

An ambulance was finally called, but Walters died on the scene. And of course those who loved her are devastated.

Waddell told the news she “doesn’t understand how [her mother] walked out happy and fine and just died all of a sudden” and that “a 46-year-old woman should not die in the parking lot of a dentist’s office.”

Meanwhile, the dentist who performed the procedure couldn’t be reached for comment, but Caroline Oldsey, a spokesperson for the dental office’s human resources department said, “We feel deeply for what happened. Our thoughts go out to them. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.”

It’s unknown if the family has hired a lawyer or if the police are investigating Walters’ death.

Dental horror stories have been more common the news as of late. Last month, 4-year-old, Nevaeh Bell suffered brain damage after a routine visit to get some decay removed which led to numerous seizures and this week an Indiana man claims that after going to get four teeth pulled, he woke up and all of his teeth were gone and his clothes were missing.


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