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Michael Jackson’s alleged lover tells all in her new book, Michael and Me. Shana Mangatal opened up about her relationship with Michael Jackson years go but recently wrote a full book about “The Untold Story Of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance”.


Now I love Michael Jackson but we know how when a celebrity pass everyone wants to come out about their relationship with them and tell untold stories. Shana was featured in his video Ghost and claims to be apart of Jackson’s inner circle.

20 yrs ago TODAY #MichaelJackson called me&asked if I’d do a short film with him.a week later we were filming GHOSTS

— Shana Mangatal (@ImShanaMangatal) April 8, 2016

Mangatal site states:

Having kept a diary her whole life, Shana’s story is rich in detail and description.

With the utmost respect given to Michael’s legacy, Shana paints an intimate picture of the beloved, yet very misunderstood man throughout some of the best and worst periods of his life. Far from exploitative yet full of private, captivating moments, Shana’s memoir reveals the side of Michael people never knew.

After browsing her site, we found a few testimonials about the book. We will let you be the judge. Read More