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The labels are fed up.

The exclusive release of Frank Ocean’s long-awaited sophomore LP Blonde has Universal Music Group putting their foot down. The company’s CEO Lucian Grainge announced that UMG will enact a ban on artists making exclusive deals with streaming services like Apple Music and TIDAL.

A newsletter written by industry insider Bob Lefsetz revealed that Lucian Grainge sent out a company-wide email regarding the ban on Monday. Bob also breaks down why the music business is drowning and how exclusivity of music is killing the business.

Lefsetz writes, “There’s a conspiracy between Apple Music and the industry to change the game, to get everybody to pay for a subscription by putting hit content behind a paywall. Apple should be investigated by the government for antitrust. How do you compete with the world’s richest company that’s got endless cash on hand? You can’t.

He also jabbed Frank Ocean, stating that most artists who make exclusive deals simply want the cash. “Is this really helping Frank Ocean’s career?,” Lefsetz asks. “OF COURSE NOT! But he can’t turn down the cash. And sure, his songs will be available elsewhere eventually, after all the publicity dies down.” 

Music fans and consumers will probably be happy to hear about Universal’s new ban. There’s nothing worse than being forced to subscribe to three different companies that essentially offer the same service, because your favorite artist decided to play the “exclusive” game.

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SOURCE: The Guardian | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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