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Warriena Wright was just a normal young lady looking for love when things took a turn for the worse, costing her her life.

The 26-year-old New Zealander was found dead at the base of a Gold Coast apartment block in 2014 after meeting 30-year-old Gable Tostee on the popular dating app Tinder. According to reports, Ms. Wright fell from the 14th floor balcony at Tostee’s apartment. He is currently on trial for her murder, to which he has pleaded not guilty. The selfies the young couple took the night of Wright’s death have now been released in court after police seized a camera owned by Tostee. In the photos taken on August 8, 2014, Wright seemed joyful and happy, but the excitement in the pics faded as the night continued.

One witness said he heard Wright’s screams for help in the moments before her death. Nick Casey, who lives on the 12th floor, told the court, “I heard her say ‘I want to go home’, I heard her say, ‘help’ and at that point I said to her go back inside and it wasn’t long after that she fell. She fell straight past where I was standing on the balcony and ricocheted off a few balconies below us and kept going to the ground.” 

In the audio taken on that night with Tostee’s phone, he can be heard breathing heavily and attempting to make a phone call after Wright’s body fell to the ground. He can also be heard yelling at Wright before her fall, saying, “You’re lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony you goddamn psycho little b*tch. I’m gonna walk you out of this apartment just the way you are. You’re not going to collect any belongings. If you try to pull anything, I’ll knock you out.” He reportedly then left his apartment and told his father, “She kept beating me up and whatever and, um, I locked her out on the balcony and I think she might have jumped off. I didn’t cause this, I didn’t push her or anything.”

During the trial on Monday afternoon, Wright’s mother sat outside the court so she did not hear the audio. Tostee is facing life in prison if convicted of the murder of Warriena Wright. The trial is reportedly expected to take seven to eight days.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter 

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