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Have you seen Ginuwine‘s penis? We have and haven’t been the same since.

We got a little #HumpDay action as Wednesday came to a close and an alleged photo of the singer’s male member leaked online, throwing women everywhere into a state of sudden paralysis. Almost instantly, his songs “Pony,” “In Those Jeans,” and “So Anxious,” had new meaning – it was a good, good Wednesday y’all.

The photo posted was of the “no face, no case” variety, but the singer confirmed it was he the lord hath blessed when he tweeted:

Apparently, someone Ginuwine knows leaked the pic. But the O.G. sex symbol didn’t seem too bothered by his penis floating around the internet – and with an endowment like his, why would he be?

A simple search of his name on Twitter will answer all your questions. For now, here are some of the best reactions to Ginuwine’s third leg.

Good lord.

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