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Warning: This video is extremely graphic and contains disturbing images that may be upsetting to watch.

For almost three minutes, no one–not even an adult or an employee–stopped a now infamous fight inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s, leading the teens to brutalize each other on camera. So far, one arrest has been made. Sixteen-year-old Aniah Ferguson was one of six girls who attacked 15-year-old Ariana Taylor and it seemed every teenager inside the McDonald’s was there to witness the violent carnage.

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The 15-year-old did her best to hold her own in the brawl, which was allegedly arranged via Facebook. The New York Daily News is reporting that Taylor has taken to Facebook to brag about her new-found fame. A user named Richey Bandz commented on Taylor’s social media, saying, “I applaud u shorty u a ICON NOW,” and Taylor responded, “Thanks guys.”

Another user, Marshonna Espinosa said, “So sad this little girl think she’s getting famous for getting publicly humiliated. No, you’re not famous. People felt bad for you.”

Reports claim that Ferguson had been hunting Taylor down since January for an undisclosed disagreement involving a friend. Taylor suffered injuries and was taken to Kings County Hospital that same night. But once the video was shared massively online, even covering the front page of the New York Post and Daily News, moves were made to find the girls who are also students of Erasmus Hall High School. Even for a World Star Hip-Hop era, the clip shocked most who viewed it. The 15-year-old was literally a punching and kicking bag.

After Ferguson’s arrest yesterday, her criminal record leaked and it was revealed that she has history of violence at only 16. She was previously arrested for stabbing her brother and assaulting her grandmother, who had to take an order of protection out against her grandchild. She’s had a total of nine arrests, six of them have been since September. Ferguson is unfortunately epitomizing the image and lifestyle of troubled youth. For her latest felony, she’s being charged as an adult. Obviously there’s a bigger story here–around teenagers like Ferguson who come from troubled pasts and bring that into their present lives, allowing nothing but violence to speak for them.

We’ll be watching this story closely. What do you think beauties? Sound off below.


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