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ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Five

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Tonight’s episode of Scandal is heavy. Brace yourselves. Things start off light, with Huck having a a boxing session with his new boo, Meg, who is also Jennifer’s best friend (Jen from the Vargas’ campaign). The boxing session is cut short when Quinn and Charlie show up looking for Olivia.

Huck finds Olivia, because that’s what he does, and she’s really distraught about the idea that her father killed Vargas, but clear on what she needs Huck to do—that would be killing Rowan. Olivia rehashes everything Jake told her, including the fact that Jake didn’t kill Jennifer because he feels she is the key to taking Rowan down. Huck thinks something is off about this because Command always puts the public first, but Vargas was innocent so this isn’t them. Huck wants to investigate more and to make sure Liv is 100% sure. Right now Olivia is leading with emotions and wishes Huck would just get on with the mission.


You already know that Rowan is one step ahead though. Huck stalked Rowan through a DC metro station only to find out that Rowan was following him. Huck points the burner to Rowan’s head, but doesn’t pull the trigger because Rowan’s story is believable. Rowan explains that the agents he’s working for are the enemy, they don’t play by anyone’s rules, and they’re threatening Olivia. Huck doesn’t want to buy it, but he does, especially when Rowan explains what the man and the woman who will be coming on a train shotely look like, and that if they don’t see Rowan they will be very unhappy. Huck and Rowan step back for a minute, long enough for Huck to see what Papa Pope described to a T. Rowan says that he’s trapped, that whoever is responsible is obviously a traitor, and then he asks for Huck’s help. Huck agrees and gets to work.


Huck goes for the most obvious by confronting Quinn and Charlie because. They check out, but Charlie thinks it’s Sandra Parker (Rowan’s now deceased boo), and Quinn suggests that maybe the moll is Meg. Huck doesn’t buy it, especially since “she reads books about math.” However, you know Huck is a sucker for a vulnerable woman, so anything is possible, especially in this universe.


Hey, in this universe, anything is possible, though. Later on, Meg asks Huck if she could seek Olivia’s help in finding out who set Jennie up and killed Frankie. This doesn’t sit well with Huck, so let’s hope that torture is in her future. In the meantime, Huck continues his investigation and tries to convince Olivia that Rowan has changed and that this isn’t him. Olivia has never heard of Sandra, but tells Huck he better make major moves by morning, otherwise she’s going to get someone else to do it.

Get this, though, Huck happened to be having the aforementioned convo with Olivia on phone phone while stalking Meg. Just as he hung up, he saw the mysterious female agent come sit down next to her.


Huck springs into action again by luring Meg to his apartment to “talk to her.” Huck goes into torture mode and threatens to inject some poisonous liquid into Meg’s body. Meg is terrified and claims she doesn’t know who the woman is, and that the woman sat down next to her on the bench making small talk. She thinks the woman’s name is Helen and that’s it. Meg does a good job of convincing Huck not to jab her with the needle, and that he can trust her. Again, Huck has a weakness for vulnerable women.


Olivia and Charlie found Sandra’s body and present it to Huck. They believe that Rowan is lying and that he killed Sandra to shut her up. Olivia keeps trying to convince Huck that he’s wrong and that Rowan got in his head, but Huck stands his ground and informs Olivia that she’s wrong and that Rowan really has changed, “that people can change,” and that he’s not going to do it because Rowan loves her. Rowan is a prisoner who needs help.

“I am right, you are wrong!” Huck said, imploring Olivia to see reason. Olivia fails to believe this, letting her emotions get the best of her, and tells Quinn to find her dad and finish the job. Huck is tasked with getting rid of Sandra’s body and manages to find a microchip containing video footage of Sandra’s dalliances with Rowan (we can assume Rowan planted it there, that crafty devil), including footage of the agents setting him up. Huck catches Olivia just in time for her to get Quinn to stand down.


At the end of the episode, Olivia and Huck visit Meg, who is so afraid of Huck that she doesn’t even want to deal with him because she thinks he is a monster. Olivia convinces Meg that Huck isn’t a monster and they explain that Jennifer is still alive. The episode ends with Huck taking Meg to visit Jennifer at her hotel room and that’s when Meg pulls out a gun and kills Jennifer. She then shoots Huck several times. In the next scene we see Abby…ABBY! WHAT THE HUCK, ABBY!


Abby meets up with Helen and Meg and asks if the job is done. Meg says it’s done and that “he won’t know she’s behind it.”

We don’t know what “he” Meg is referring to and we don’t know what Huck’s fate is at the moment, but it seemed that Meg was methodical about where she shot Huck so there’s a sliver a hope that he won’t die. Then again. Shonda took Wes from us on How to Get Away With Murder, so who knows.

No. Let’s claim it. Huck isn’t dead. HUCK IS NOT DEAD!


Shonda Rhimes is a monster!


But we’ll be back for more abuse next week.


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