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The eighth episode of Bronzeville starts with a bang as Everett Copeland (Wood Harris) blames a missing Jimmy (Larenz Tate) for Casper’s death, asking for Jimmy’s head on a plate. Lisa Copeland (Tika Sumpter) tries to defend him, telling her older brother that Jimmy saved her life. Everett doesn’t realize he may be in the wrong until it may be too late.

Across town, Curtis Randolph (Laurence Fishburne) asks his driver Maxwell what he’s thinking. Maxwell tells him that he doesn’t think he should be going to a community event so soon after Anna’s death. Randolph explains that if he was anyone else, he wouldn’t. At the event for the local symphony, Randolph faces clear racism, but proves that he is worth any white man’s weight in all of Chicago. Under his intelligent and charismatic exterior though, he is clearly in pain over rejoining public life without his beloved wife.

Randolph then approaches the man he meant to see speak with all along, Jonas Powell. He tells Powell that The Bulletin’s editorials are hurting Bronzeville’s community, but Powell tells Randolph that, “the numbers are the scourge” of the Black community. When Powell thinks he has won, Randolph proves that he is as sharp as ever, threatening to expose that Powell visits Bronzeville regularly to sleep with his Black mistress, saying, “For someone who has such disdain for the colored race, you certainly do spend enough time on Camden Drive.

Elsewhere, Jimmy knows that time is running out for him. He meets with Mr. Faulkner telling him he is looking to make a change, but even while he admits the life of organized crime may not be for him, he defends Curtis, Everett, and the numbers are doing good work for the community.

The next day, Jimmy arrives at Everett’s office and tries to explain his innocence. He tells Everett to check the trunk of his car, inside it Samson West, a man The Copeland’s had been searching for for weeks. Everett admits Jimmy is good for the business, but when he asks Jimmy where Lisa has gone, Jimmy can only answer, “I have no idea.”

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