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Art Of Radio Twinn City

Source: Phillip Marquez / Radio One


It’s a Premiere Industry Event that’s a celebration of the current artists that are creating new waves in Hip Hop, TrapNB, Pop & Int’l Music Culture. As well as an education vehicle for Artists & Entrepreneurs looking to break into the Music Industry.

Every Month A.O.R. & Hot 107.9 is giving away the Biggest Promo Campaign in ATL for Artists including:

• Hot 107.9 Promo Commercials with Artists Music

• Interview at Hot 107.9

• Slot on Hot 107.9 Battlegrounds

• Video Blog on Hot 107.9 Website

Last Month, Twinn City came through and WON an interview and VideoBlog on Hot 107.9 website!! Twinn City has a huge fanbase ranging from the Midwest to the South..

This is one of the most unique set of Twins you’ll ever see! Not only are they hilarious.. But they’re crazy beautiful and talented. Their fanbase is so loyal that they were actually the ones who urged them to get back into music after so many requests for a new project!

So stay tuned for their interview with Shar Bates below and their new hit single “My Party” dropping exclusively on Hot 107.9 below:


Follow Twin City on Instagram @Twinn_City and their personal pages: @sway_twinncity @stylez_twinncity

And don’t forget to Follow Shar Bates at @IamSharBates

Special thank you to @CameraManAtlTV For the footage! Check him out for any video or streaming needs!

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