Police Detective at Crime Scene

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Police officers have tough jobs. That is an unarguable fact.

So do astronauts, bartenders and the guys responsible for cleaning up the shit dropped by large mammals at the county fair.

Tough is subjective, and while I respect the stance most officers take in protecting and serving our community, the mere fact that their jobs are tough shouldn’t mean that they’re able to break rules at their own discretion.

In this video that has now gone viral (at least in Northeast Ohio) you can see two Euclid police officers repeatedly beating a man that is on the ground. There is no official word yet on what prompted the arrest, or when the incident took place, but a blind man could see that the officers had zero interest in placing handcuffs on their suspect. Instead they bashed his head into the pavement and repeatedly punched the man in the face all while he was already on the ground.

More on this story as it develops. . .


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