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D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins recently stopped by The Progress Report to speak on past success, thoughts on current state of Hip Hop and current endeavors. 

Ying Yang Twins are responsible for hits such as, “Whisper Song”, “Salt Shaker”, “Whistle While You Twerk”, “Get Low”, “Bedroom Boom” & a slew of others just to refresh readers memories. 

During the interview, D-Roc discusses Ying Yang Twin’s infamous saying, “hanh” which was later adopted by French Montana. D-Roc admits that the term was originally created by Kaine’s father which the duo eventually popularized. 

D-Roc also compares the lack of footwork conducted by new rappers, which he refers to as social media artists. He also argues that Ying Yang Twins don’t get the credit and love they deserve from their own hometown, Atlanta, GA although they have the sales and background to prove their worth and maintains that the twins are still self-proclaimed, strip club kings. 

Lastly, D-Roc breaks down the genre of music that Ying Yangs Twins created and their relationships with longtime collaborators Lil Jon & Mr. Collipark and he closes with his predictions for the music industry. 

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