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The 2018 flu season is here and it’s not messing around one bit! According to officials, this year’s flu strain is already the most widespread on record since tracking began 13 years ago. It has already killed more children than in past years, and officials believe it could get worst.

More than 30 people have already died this year because of the flu and more than 9,000 people have be hospitalized with flu symptoms. Because this year’s flu season started earlier than normal, it’s been affecting more people and spreading faster and faster.  But according to the CDC there are things you can do to help stop the spread of flu, as well as protecting yourself from becoming ill.

1. If are sick, do not go to work – If you are feeling ill, stay home. Many times we spread the flu at the work, which then gets taken home by your co-workers. Staying home will prevent others from getting sick.

2. Cover Your Cough – Covering you mouth and nose with tissues can avoid germs passing through sneezes or coughs.

3. Wash, Wash, Wash – Make sure you are washing you hands with soap and water. If you do not have soap you can use an alcohol-based hand rub like hand sanitizer.

4. Water is your friend – Drink plenty of water and other clear liquids to prevent fluid loss (dehydration).

5. Get A Flu Vaccine – a flu vaccine is the first and best way to prevent seasonal flu. Antiviral drugs may work, but they are not a flu vaccine. Vaccine’s are created to fight the specific strain of flu that is ailing you.

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