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Curtis Snow

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Look alive, y’all.

I’m launching a social media series called #RealNews on these folks.

Tired of the fake shit.

CNN and them was running #FakeNews on me in 2016, all for the ratings.

At least local news tried to get the facts straight.

And how VladTV the only one who put my side of the story out there? #FakeNews for real, for real.

But yeah, if you fuck wit’ the fuckin’ wit, follow @RealCurtisSnow and stay tuned for some #RealNews, for once.

And if you don’t, why you still here?

Curtis Snow

Source: Chilly-O / @ChillyOLovesYou

I watch the news everyday.

We gotta pay attention.

We right down the street from the CDC, Center for Disease Control, so if some Walking Dead shit pop off, we the first to go.

This week, they been talking about them jokers in the White House beating on women. It’s two of ‘em.

It’s the nigga who be right with the president all day, and it’s another representative of the House, or whoever.

One of ‘em beat up both his wives a long time ago. And they just now coming forth with the shit. One showed the black eye, and the other one says he choked her.

Now, think about it. These the motherfuckers who in the White House with these folk — and they say one of em didn’t even have that clearance shit.

Just imagine how many other people they finna come out with. And then think about all them folk who resigning now.

A lot of folk just up and resigning.

Cause they know the heat is on.

The truth finna come forth, and anybody who got anything to do with any kind of scandal, they finna bring it. Hell yeah, they bringing it.

And man, before Trump got elected I was tryna tell y’all, if the world finna end, he the anti-Christ.

Shit, the way he move, I coulda gotdamn won over Hillary, too, on some G shit.

Year later and it’s still goin’ down. He still the anti-Christ.

He just doing shit now to where he done calmed down from saying certain shit.

Like back when he was just cocky saying crazy shit like that, somebody done hit him on the hip like, “Hey Trump, you can’t say that, mane.”

But he’s still saying it. We just don’t see it.

The little bitty shit we hear now, he’s saying shit even worse undercover.

Remember, he was the one saying grab ‘em by the crotch. So you know he’s still doing it, nah mean?

But they throwing so many diversions out there, you really can’t focus on that shit no more.

You gotta pay attention to this, and they letting that get by. Invisibility going on.

But you know how they do.

They throw some shit out there and have us thinking about how folks bombed a subway or something and throw us off the real move.

Like what they call that “gentrification” shit. It’s just a big money scheme.

The Dome wasn’t nothing but 21 years old. That motherucker was still brand new.

They tore that motherfucker down, literally, just to make space for the parking or whatever else they got going on.

But that Benz stadium, that shit don’t matter. The neighborhood still poor as a motherfucker.

And then, they done bought up all the gotdamn property and making the rent so high for the real folk who been staying here 230 years.

Taking they property on that eminent domain shit, to where they like, “Well, we finna build some new shit. You need to upgrade your house or whatever. And if not, we gon’ gotdamn take it.”

They done took so many old people’s property around there, it was a shame.

And made ‘em sell out, made ‘em move. Just so they can make everything look good.

Because you know they trying to make that image of “this the new whatever.”

But shit, just so they know, crime rate going up!

They can call it “gentrification,” if they want. Really, they moving the Black folks, the broke people out. And they trying to move the rich white folks back in.

They basically getting deported.

They know these folks ain’t got no cars, no transportation.

They got jobs and shit, but the jobs so gotdamn far out, you can’t get to the motherfucka.

That shit designed like that.

The shit so spread out, so far apart, you move somewhere, the grocery store five miles away.

You five, six miles away from any civilization.

They know what they doin’.

I got a home girl who had one of them Section 8 vouchers.

She couldn’t find nothing on Section 8 around these parts.

They had some shit way in Sandy Springs somewhere.

And she got three little bitty children, no car, and the bus station is so gotdamn far away from where she moving at, she like damn near in some woods somewhere, man.

But she had to get the shit because it’s Section 8.

But it’s just so far out, she really can’t do shit. And then she got three little bitty children.

She gotta change schools for them. She gotta haul them around on the bus.

When she was somewhere where it was convenient at first.

And the school was right there, the shopping center was right there, everything was within arm’s reach.

Now she way out there, fucked up, single mom, and she ain’t got no transportation.

And they got her way, way out here where she can’t make no moves.

And they know. This shit by design. Everything already planned with them folks. They already got a plan. We just don’t know it. They been planning this shit for however many years.

A muhfucka who been locked up five or ten years, fuck around and get out, ain’t even gonna recognize his own neighborhood anymore.

But like I was saying in that old video about the Georgia Dome: We need something out here for the kids!

That’s something that’s still needed in the hood. Somewhere for children to go. Because they got too much spare time now.

That’s why everybody breaking in cars and doing burglaries. They got so much extra time, and no money.

But if it was somewhere for these children, the little football and basketball players and students, the ones who want to try to do something, if it was somewhere for them folks to go to do it, I’m telling you they would go.

I got plenty of kids in my neighborhood who know me who tell me, “Curt you need to open up something so we can do something.”

Cause they bored.

But yeah, I been staying out of trouble. Doing little shit here and there, just trying to keep the name relevant.

Me, Figg Panamera and Snoop Dogg just dropped our new movie, Dirt On My Bootz 5.

And I’m touring the country, on my way to Ohio as we speak.

Hit me on Twitter or Instagram if you want me to come to your town.

Until then, we still grindin’.



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