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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta picks up from where we left off last week. If you recall, Jasmine rolled up in Pressed looking for Rasheeda. Jasmine just wants to make sure her son with Kirk knows his siblings, but Rasheeda wasn’t there. Instead, she got Shirleen and Rasheeda’s stepdaughter, and they let her have it about her trifling behavior. Jasmine and Kirk messed up, but Jasmine seems to be the only one who is owning up to her part in the situation. She also seems to be taking most of the heat.

And Rasheeda is way too calm about this anyway.


Estelita went running to Mimi to tell her what happened with the Erica Mena ambush orchestrated by Stevie J. She’s still pissed off by the situation and needs to vent to someone who understands. She also admitted that she did have sex with Stevie. She lied about it to Erica about it because it was none of her business, and she also wasn’t here for Stevie blowing it up like some immature schoolboy. Mimi already knew what was up because Estelita is Stevie’s type and, of course, she’s very familiar with Stevie’s scandalous behavior. Eventually, Estelita goes into a tear-filled story about all the stuff she has been through—you know, the usual—rape, stripping, etc and how she refuses to allow Stevie to play her. Mimi suggests that she call Stevie and have a talk because heart to hearts always goes well with these people.


Shirleen tells Rasheeda about Jasmine’s visit and of course, Rasheeda is just like…


Rasheeda is pissed off that Jasmine told her mother the DNA test results before she got a chance to. Rasheeda also doesn’t want to talk to Jasmine, and feels like that’s for Kirk to do. However, she is aware that the child is innocent and seems to be flexible in terms of allowing him to meet his other siblings and be a part of the family. She delivers the message to Kirk that he needs to “keep Jasmine to in check.” Meanwhile, according to Jasmine, Kirk hasn’t even made any efforts to see their son.




Next, we find Erica Mena hanging out with Yung Joc and Melissa celebrating her move to Atlanta. The latter two invite Tommie (at Erica’s request), who is meeting Erica for the first time. It gets quite interesting when Erica tries to bag her. According to Erica, she has long had a crush on Tommie, but Tommie ain’t with it. Tommie says that Erica is giving her crazy Joseline vibes, and when Erica asks to take Tommie on a date, Tommie is just looking like…


And she bolts out of there because Erica is quite parched and intense.


In Erica’s defense, her game was decent.

Mimi and Estelita show up and this gives Erica the opportunity to apologize to Estelita for the ambush. She then tells her that she went through the same thing with men in the industry toying with their dreams (you know, Rich Dollaz) and taking advantage of her. They both get all teary-eyed about their struggles and how they’re going to lift each other up and not let Stevie put them asunder

Tommie bolted out of there so fast that she accidentally took a bracelet that was given to Erica as a gift (she was looking at it). Tommie is was admittedly freaked out by Erica, but she decided to meet up with her at a fake photoshoot to give the bracelet back and to have a less thirst-filled discussion where they get to know each other a little better. This conversation goes much better as they politick about music and Stevie J’s trifling ways. Tommie, who says she just dates men, still isn’t interested in dating Mena, but she’s down to network when it comes to music and business moves.

Finally, the episode wraps with an intro to Tokyo Vanity, because what would any Love and Hip-Hop be without a viral superstar? Anyway, Toyko Vanity is new to Atlanta so Sierra has taken her under her wing. The aforementioned two women, plus Karlie Redd are having girl talk at Sierra’s salon. Sierra mentions that she’s now dating BK Brasco and spills all the tea about how she has moved on from Shooter. Then Karlie Redd says she’s dating Sean Garrett (her new producer flavor of the month), who is best friends with BK Brasco.

Of course!

There was a stylist named Shan eavesdropping on their conversation the entire time so she takes this moment to inform Sierra that Shooter has a 2-year-old son by someone else. It comes out that Shan has been working at Sierra’s shop for a long time so why she’s just now revealing this information is um…


Shan says that the mother of this child in question is also a patron of the shop. She knows this because she has been doing the woman’s hair all along.

Now Sierra, Tokyo Vanity and Karlie Redd are mad at Shan for

“putting Sierra’s business out in the street.”


We’ll be back next week, same dramaful time, same dramaful place. Yes, dramaful.


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