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Saving Our Daughters

Source: Saving Our Daughters / Radio One Atlanta

…And a surprise visit from Grammy, Emmy and Globe Award Winning Actress, Queen Latifah

On Wednesday March 14th, the girls of the Ron Clark Academy had an amazing, life changing

experience as they walked onto the incredible set of the Fox television show STAR, co-created by Lee Daniels. The 5th-7th graders that participated in the special field trip are a part of the “Saving Our Daughter’s Cinderella” program, which was co-founded by actress and singer, Keke Palmer back in 2014. Ms. Palmer is also a guest star on the STAR TV series.

The visit was coordinated by the producer’s assistant, Erica Young. In addition to setting up a tour of the stages and sets, she arranged for a Q&A with some of the women that play a part in the development of the show. Karen Gist (Show Runner), Jen Klein (Co-Producer/Writer), Toni Barton (Production Designer) and Aamina Gant (Music Coordinator) spoke to the RCA Cinderellas about what it is like to work on a television series, their professions and the life choices they made that led them to STAR.

The Q&A was so informative and inspiring for the girls. “To see women working together, growing together and using their gifts and passions to create, build and maintain a hit show was amazing.” – Saving Our Daughters’ Co-Founder, Debbie Benjamin

The girls had the pleasure of touring the entire set, meeting everyone from wardrobe, production design, construction and set decoration. They also got to watch the filming of a scene and learn about how food stylists prepare food for actors with allergies and restrictions. To end the trip with a bang, Queen Latifah came out to encourage the girls, take photos and gave hugs to each girl.

“The Saving Our Daughters organization would like to thank Ms. Erica Young for such a life changing experience for our RCA Cinderellas and we are looking forward to catching the return of season 2 of STAR, on March 28th.” – Saving Our Daughters Chief Executive Officer, Curtis Benjamin


What some of the RCA Cinderellas had to say on their STAR Visit;


Anita 7th Grade

I just really wanted to thank you guys for giving me this opportunity to experience a different perspective of show biz. I never knew how many teams that worked behind the scenes. There is literally a place where they make fake shrimp and fried chicken! I saw how people that worked in some of those departments had to be quick on their feet and how they worked with such a short period of time especially when something has to change after all the time that was spent on a certain part of the project. There were so many different working parts. There are more than 200 staff members that work daily. It just shows how everyone plays a part in the production. I also found it really cool how we got to see little behind the scene secrets like moving walls. It was so cool. I am just so grateful that I got the opportunity to visit. Thank you!


Iva 5th Grade

Thank you so much for the behind the scenes experience at the set of Star! Just from the sets to the costumes to meeting Queen Latifah was absolutely astonishing! I loved how everyone had their part in putting together the amazing production. I even got chills telling my mother about all the fun and interesting things that happened! Thank you so much!


Zoe 5th Grade

While we witnessed how and where Star is filmed, I learned so many new things. First off, I discovered so many jobs other than acting or directing. I will never watch T.V. in the same way because I know that there is so much work that goes into every part.


Joy 5th Grade

Thank you so much for inviting me to tour the set of Star. Not many people get to experience this at such a young age and the fact that I was chosen for such a special opportunity makes feel me incredibly thankful. It was so amazing to see the detail that is poured into the show. From a life-size picture of the street to homemade tofu beignets. It was absolutely mind blowing. When we saw the recreation of the Tabernacle, I thought it was awesome how they could see something and bring it to life. It looked so realistic! But the best part of all… I was able to meet Queen Latifah herself!


Saving Our Daughters RCA Cinderellas on Star Set [Photos]
Saving Our Daughters RCA Cinderellas on Star Set
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