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Portrait Of Man Screaming Against White Background

Source: Piotr Marcinski / EyeEm / Getty

Whoop whoop!

Another White person acts as a police liaison for some ridiculous reason!

Once again, the heat went down in the San Francisco Bay Area — this time on the BART train, according to The Mercury News.

A passenger was eating a burrito on the train, which was against the rules according to another fellow passenger.

“The sign says no eating and drinking,” a man in a Hawaiian shirt says in a video. “You don’t get it. You must be stupid. I’ve seen people like you on TV.”

The pressed passenger then gets up and walks to an intercom to call an officer. “We’ve got someone dining in the first car,” he says. “Eating on the train.”

Meanwhile, the other passengers on the train seemed unbothered and they were doing what should be done in such a situation…


“You eat your burrito,” one unbothered customer says.

“Enjoy that sh*t,” says another.

You can check out the clip that was posted on Reddit below.



Well at least this time it wasn’t a Black person who risked facing the cops.

To all the uptight wypipo out there…

Relax, relate, release!

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