We’re not sure if Nivea is referring to ex-boo/baby’s daddy Lil Wayne, but we do know that Nivea goes in on this remake of Timbaland and Drake’s hit “Say Something.” The remake, “Say Sumthin,” also features Atlanta rapper Rasheeda.

The song, which was recorded for Rasheeda’s mixtape “Boss Bitch Music,” is scheduled to be released shortly.

Here’s the verse where Nivea pours her heart out:

“If we could have worked it out, but I guess things change, its funny how someone else’s success brings pain. When you are no longer involved, and that person has it all,and you just stuck there standing…Im gone need you to say something baby. Wish I could pull you out the game, its the thing that made you change, plus I was your heart, before your blackcard, you told the world about me, before you forgot about me…”

Listen to the song below:

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