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Mia Love was the only Black woman Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives and now the voters of the state she represented are slamming her.

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According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah voters were not happy with her performance. Voter Martin van Blankenstein said he previously voted for Love but she she disappeared after her election, did little to nothing in D.C. and ignored her constituents in Utah. “It was like she was a ghost representative,” said Blankenstein. On the Democrat who won, he explained, “Is Ben McAdams any better? I don’t know, but I think it’s worth a shot.”

Another Republican voter, Ryan Gaines, believes Love was not accessible. “You couldn’t talk to her,” he said. “I’ve tried to call before to give my opinion on certain subjects. It just never got through, and I didn’t find that to be very appropriate for an elected representative.”

Other voters felt her campaign style was “very hyperpartisan.” Love constantly attacked Democrats, claiming the rebuttal against her was harsh because she was a Black woman—however, she never properly addressed her racist  president.

Recently, she talked about the Black community and Democrats. The Utah representative told the Washington Examiner, “So why do they stay with Democrats? I think it’s because they feel like they have a home — or Democrats make them feel like they have a home. I’ve said this to my colleagues, we need to do a better job than just talking about how great our policies are, we need to actually let people know that we care. They need to like Republicans.”

Well, it sounds like Democrats or Republicans have no love for Mia Love.


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