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Beyonce said it herself, she changed the game when that digital dropped. On December 13, 2013, Queen Bey released her fifth solo album, Beyonce. The visual album, which premiered as an iTunes exclusive, featured 14 brand new songs and 14 music videos. It was a complete surprise to Beyonce fans who not only did not know she was working on new music and videos but were also watching Beyonce in concert at The Mrs. Carter Show when the album dropped.

It was around midnight when fans noticed a Beyonce album banner had taken over iTunes. There it was, a black album cover with nothing but the name “Beyonce” in pink text. Who knew that one word, one album, could change the music industry as we know it.

On this day, Beyonce proved that she was successfully able to shoot 14 music videos and keep it completely under wraps, despite involving the public in many of her videos. She was able to drop an album as an iTunes exclusive without promotion and without leaks and still sell over 800,000 units in just three short days. No one has been able to duplicate what Beyonce managed to do with that album. In fact, it’s because of Beyonce that album releases are now on Fridays rather than Tuesdays.

This album was also a defining moment for Beyonce. It was her first post-Blue Ivy album and the first time she openly and unapologetically let her ratchet freak flag fly. To celebrate the five year anniversary of such an iconic piece of work, we rank Beyonce’s album from freaky deaky to squeaky clean.

Starting with our most freaky


1. Partition (Yonce)

By itself, “Yonce” wouldn’t be #1 on our list of freakiest songs on Beyonce but with the addition of “Partition”, it turns it up a notch. “Partition” is a thotty’s dream! It’s full of innuendos about car sex, fellatio and is probably Beyonce in her most risque form. She even threw in some freaky french. Yessss Bey!


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