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Over the last two years one of America’s favorite professional sports league, the NFL hasn’t been able to please some of it’s people of color. After Colin Kaepernick kneeled to highlight police brutality against people of color and never got hired people vowed boycott the NFL. Well that boycott has ran deep for many celebrities. Allegedly the NFL asked Rihanna to perform at the Super Bowl but she declined due to the Kaepernick/ kneeling controversy.  Apparently the NFL struggled to find someone after asking Rihanna because most artists didn’t want any parts of the controversy. The NFL finally got Maroon 5 to commit to the big game but they need special guests to appear during the set.

Well it’s official rapper Travis Scott has signed on to join the pop group on the main stage. While social media didn’t like his choice, rapper Meek Mill took to twitter to give his opinion:

All though Meek said it’s all love, he said for what?

If you want to hear about who else they’re trying to get sign on to the Super Bowl listen to Leah’s Lemonade above.


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