Leah’s Lemonade: Rihanna is Suing Her Dad Over “Fenty” Trademark


Jay Z and Beyonce told us that nobody wins when the family feuds…Well Rihanna clearly should take a page out of the Carter’s book, because her family dynamic is heading to court. Rihanna is suing her dad Ronald Fenty for the trademark “Fenty.” According to The Umbrella singer her father is trying to use the likeness that her career created to profit off of their last name. In the lawsuit documents Rih claims that her father started an entertainment company and was conducting business improperly which looked bad on the “Fenty” brand.

He also tried to create hotel resorts under the name “Fenty.” Rihanna claims in the lawsuit that he even tried to get Fenty trademarked but obviously Rihanna owns alll of that! She’s suing her dad saying that although she received his last name, her career created the world known brand of “Fenty.”  We’ll see how that pans out.

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If you’d like to hear more details on either story, plus how R. Kelly’s lawyer lowkey shaded him while trying to defend him. Chile….Listen to Leah’s Lemonade above for all these stories, happening in Hollywood.

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