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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York finds Yandy on a high. She was granted an emergency hearing with regard to Infinity and the judge approved Infinity to stay with Yandy temporarily and they got the fostering process moving forward. Yaaaaay! Both Yandy and Infinity are thrilled, but Yandy is soon going to find out that she may have moved into this too quickly. Hold that thought.

Joe Budden and Cyn still a mess, but they finally end up having respective chats with Dr. Jenn, Vh1’s resident psychotherapist. Joe talks about Cyn being moody and how his career has been accelerating, etc. Cyn finally does open up about what she believes is postpartum depression, Joe being busy with work and not having time for her, the pressures of motherhood, etc. The bombshell comes when Cyn reveals that she doesn’t want a nanny because she ended up being molested by a woman who was supposed to be looking after her when she was five. That’s a secret that only three people (including Joe) knew up until that revelation (not even her mom knew). Dr. Jenn says she doesn’t think Cyn is dealing with postpartum depression. What Cyn is dealing with, according to the doctor, is her unresolved issues surfacing in the form of depression, anxiety, and resentment toward Joe. Cyn agrees with Dr. Jenn’s assessment. Dr. Jenn eventually speaks to Joe on behalf of Cynthia and it seems like he receives the message better than when Cyn communicates, but these issues aren’t going away overnight. This becomes clear later on when they double date with Papoose and Remy Ma and Papoose gives then the genius advice to get married. Papoose’s logic is that if they get married they’ll be more likely to use their vows as guidelines to make it work. Mmmmkay.

Mendeecees’ mother gets word of Yandy’s seemingly hasty foster mom moves and she’s rightfully concerned about Yandy bringing this girl around her grandchildren. Yandy thinks she has everything figured out, but then she meets with Infinity’s birth mother to get her blessing to adopt Infinity, only to discover that Infinity gave her a different story. Mama Infinity’s story is shady too though. Her version is that she’s a single mom with 6 kids and she wants to do what’s best for them, especially Infinity. She claims that Infinity was a sweet child but then once she became a teenager she started running away then next thing you know authorities picked her up, said that mom was abusive and took Infinity away. That sounds like a lot of details are missing, but in the end, Yandy finds out that Infinity actually never grew up in foster care despite telling her that. According to Infinity’s mom, her daughter has only been in foster care since last November. The conversation goes well. Mama Infinity gives Yandy her blessing to adopt and gives her a loaded, “Good luck.”

Later on, Yandy has a moment where Infinity goes missing. Eventually, Infinity turns up again and Yandy is pissed. But Infinity says she ran away because she was pissed after discovering that Yandy spoke to her mother. Yandy calls Infinity out for lying about how long she has been in foster care. Infinity says her mom isn’t being truthful and doesn’t want to take responsibility for being a bad mom. In the end, Yandy still feels bad for Infinity and says she’s on her side no matter what, but she has to stop running away and learn to trust her.

We’ll see how this goes.

Sidney Starr and Nya Lee get into it again. Basically, Sidney shows up to some event wearing her own dress instead of something “fashion expert” Nya Lee picked out. This leads to Nya Lee going off on Sidney and calling her ungrateful. Sidney bucks at Nya like she’s going to hit her but it’s just a bluff. Jonathan is just standing there feigning like he’s lost, but really taking it all in because he’s messy. Nya decides to leave before she resorts to fighting. Jonathan sides with Nya Lee in thinking Sidney is ungrateful. This is going to be revisited next week. You know how petty beef never dies on this show. There’s supposed to be a trip coming up. We know how that’s going to go.

The episode winds down with Rich Dollaz’s drama. Rich is distraught because his daughter’s mother, Miracle, shot her husband in a domestic violence incident. Rich’s daughter, Ashley, took the man to the hospital but doesn’t know much else about what’s happening. Miracle left Rich and Ashley in the dark but now, ish is real. Initially, Miracle was charged with attempted murder but the charges were dropped to aggravated assault and she has to go to court for a plea hearing. Plea hearings never go well.

Anyway, Rich, who feels guilty for not staying in Memphis to protect them, convinces Miracle to tell Ashley (who is 19) what’s going on. They all come to tears over Miracle’s uncertain future.

Next week we find out what happens at the hearing. Fingers crossed.


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