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Crepe Lasagna With Mushrooms and Spinach

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Gender reveals are undoubtedly becoming more and more ridiculous by the day. While some people are getting into some seriously dangerous territories with their reveals–we’re looking at you, fireworks–others are just bordering on disgusting, and today, we’ve crossed that line.

Today, a restaurant by the name of Villa Italian Kitchen launched gender reveal lasagnas.

Yes, gender reveal lasagnas. And even though a lot of people love lasagnas, not a lot of people are sure about why this has been created or who would purchase such a thing.

For the low-low price of $140, you and your family can reveal the perceived gender of your incoming fetus with a surprise announcement, revealed by some unsavory food-colored cheese in between some meat and sauce. Worried about the carbs? And for anyone counting their calories, the package also comes with a salad of your choice: garden, Caesar or Greek.

But don’t let the pink or green cheese turn you off–this is still a completely authentic lasagna. The New Jersey eatery says that their creation is made-to-order and boasts pasta straight off the boat, authentic alfredo sauce, and heaping amounts of both ricotta and mozzarella cheese. This questionable dish serves 12 people, so if you’re looking for catering and decorations all-in-one, this lasagna could be a pretty good deal.

It pretty much goes without saying that nobody knows how to feel about this. Yes, gender reveals are getting out of hand–but we should all at least be able to count on having some appetizing food while we suffer through our friends’ parties. Lasagna at a gender reveal party? Yes. Lasagna colored with bright pink or blue food coloring at a gender reveal party? No. Please….No.

Listen….it’s still an authentic lasagna, and let’s be honest–a lot of us would still finish our piece. But sometimes you should just stick to cake when it comes to gender reveal foods. Cheese just shouldn’t be pastel and that’s that.

Once Villa Italian Kitchen announced the addition of this new lasagna, members of the media began to post incessantly about the emails they received regarding the dish.



While most of the media was unimpressed by the email they received, I think most of us can agree that a “sausage or no sausage” gender reveal lasagna is actually an incredible idea.

Let’s cancel the whole food coloring thing and stick to sausage–that’s a lasagna we can all get behind.


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