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In an attempt to possibly save face, save his marriage, or both, Kevin Hunter released a statement about his wife’s battle with sobriety, but nothing about recently released photos of him on the beach with his “alleged” side chick.

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“Wendy is doing well. We’re doing well as a family. We are moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves,” he told “Entertainment Tonight.“It is a family process. Anybody that has to deal with this knows this is a family process … and we are dealing with it and moving forward.”

Hmph. Family? Meanwhile Wendy’s former colleague Charlamagne Tha God has been very vocal about his dislike for Kevin Hunter and blames the untrustworthy husband for Wendy’s spiral back into addiction. According to the “Breakfast Club” host, he introduced Kevin to his mistress Sharina Hudson ten years ago.

“Just because I introduce you to someone doesn’t mean 10 years later you need to be in a picture with them showing all your teeth and her throwing up duck lips and a peace sign,” the VJ shared. “All I know is this is sad. I can’t wait to hear the lie Wendy Williams makes up to cover this one. She may say it’s Photoshopped. She may,” he added. “I’ve never seen him look that happy in a picture with Wendy, though. I want to throw that out there. … Poor man just sucking the life out of Wendy Williams.”

Wendy has yet to address her husband’s alleged affair or the scathing DailyMail report that details Kevin and Sharina’s affair, including the photos of them canoodling on the beach.

We hope Wendy conquers her addiction soon so she can build up enough strength to leave her ain’t sh*t of a husband behind. Cut your losses sis and leave with your dignity.


Photos Leak Of Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter On Vacation With His Side Piece

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