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Kehlani hit the scene about five years ago, and ever since then, she’s been a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a stunningly gorgeous free spirit — her pipes are powerful enough to compete with the best of the best when it comes to singing.

The Oakland beauty turns 24 years old today, and if you know Kehlani, then you know that everything she does (from the way she dresses and the music she puts out, to her Instagram captions) is so deep that you it forces you to do some inner soul searching on yourself. To honor her big day, the new mom wrote a sweet message to herself saying:

“This birthday means a lot to me. my mama was 24 when she had me. my daddy was 24 when he died. 24 on the 24th.. numbers tell stories gratitude in abundance. thanks for all the love.”

The love for Baelani is definitely real.

“HEY YOUUUUU i hope you have a day as amazing as you are. thank you for all the light and love you put into this world, you’re an inspiration for me” @Shelikegrls

“happy birthday to one of the most gorgeous women everrrr. inside and out. I’ve been a fan since your first mixtape and I loved witnessing your growth. keep doing your thing, I love love youuu” @Justinsmelanin

“Kehlani your music is everything and brings me so much happiness. I wish you all the best with Adeya but u already being the best mother you can be. I hope to be like you one day “@kookiesgoldabs

Seriously though, what’s there not to love about the “Ring” singer. She’s an inspiration to many, and is never afraid to speak her truth. Back in 2017 when she released her deeply personal track “Honey”, she told MTV that confidence in her fluid sexuality helped her to write the track.

“I am very openly queer. I thought that my music lacked representation of how my actual life is. I thought it was important to be myself fluidly in my music and not just in my life. My art mimics my life, so you know I have a girlfriend, and it’s only right that that’s what I make music about and that I’m able to put that out confidently.”

“I’ve been making music about women my whole career, but I never felt the need to write ‘she,’ necessarily. It wasn’t in the forefront of my mind. But now I’ve seen how people reacted to my song ‘Honey,’ or when I’ve used the correct pronouns and put women in my music videos. Just seeing how much people felt like they needed that representation or how much it inspired them definitely encouraged me to step into this new phase of making music.”- Kehlani for FADER

To help celebrate the young queen’s big day, check out these fabulously magical pics that prove Kehlani is not of this world.

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