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It’s been such an incredible 2019 year for Saving Our Daughters and inspiring girls within the Cinderella program on bless opportunities in film and television. From being featured on Good Morning America with co-founded Keke Palmer; to having participating on a television episode, on FOX’s Empire.

Now in April, selected Cinderellas within the program were invited by the amazing Will Packer and Shayla Cowan of Will Packer Productions to the Universal Studios Lot in Los Angeles, to cut their first commercial, in partnership with new film, Little. The film is a remake of the Tom Hanks film Big.   

The commercial included director, actors and producer, Marsai Martin, Regina Hall and Tina Gordan. The film is executive produced by Will Packer, who has created mega hit films such as Think Like a Man, Ride Along and the recent hit comedy Girls Trip.

Universal Pictures wanted to collaborate with the Cinderella program to create a PSA/commercial to help support young girls dreams in all fields and areas of film; and to celebrate the achievements of women that are behind the camera and making an impact.

Marsai who participated in the PSA with the Cinderellas; is the youngest person to ever executive produce a film

Included in partnering with the PSA, and before the big opening weekend of the Little film, on April 12th, weekend, the Cinderellas from the Ron Clark Academy were invited to the Premiere Screenings. The lead cast and directors/producers of the film took time to personally talk with the girls, on how proud they were of them and to encourage the girls to stick to their dreams of becoming actors or behind the scenes as directors and producers.

Also, last summer of 50 Cinderellas participated in the taping of Little as cast extras as well.

WOW! what a 2019 year for the Cinderellas!!

What the Ron Clark Academy Cinderellas had to say about Little:

“This experience opened my eyes up to so many possibilities of future jobs I could have. All of the amazing people I met inspired me to follow my dreams and that women run the world!!!”~Haley 


The “LITTLE” premier was an amazing experience from meeting the actors to watching the movie in action. To see someone our age be an executive producer is really inspiring for our future.”~Allana 


“This was an amazing opportunity. Seeing this awesome movie and seeing a 14-year-old direct it is really inspiring. It taught me to be proud of who I am. So thank you for with opportunity!!”~Maia 

“It was a true honor to go see the movie “LITTLE”. The movie was a joy able experience and it was unbelievable funny, and it was nice to an all-black female lead and knowing that someone in my age group could make something so great. Inspiration me to go for me dreams.”~Aneisah 

“Having the opportunity to see the film “LITTLE” was an amazing opportunity. It was such an honor to not only see strong black female leads in the film but then too also have the privilege to meet them in person. The concept of the movie was so clever and creative and it’s so inspiring knowing that a girl my age who looks like me came up with the idea. I’m so grateful that my classmates and I got to watch a film that displayed true black excellence.”~Naima Johnson


“Seeing the movie “LITTLE” was such an amazing experience and was very inspiring for a young black female like me to see another young black female on the big movie screens but not only acting in the movie but also producing the movie. I loved meeting the stars and producers of the movie. The movie was hilarious, entertaining, and inspiring. I am so grateful to be able to share this opportunity with some of my closest friends and it was truly an unforgettable experience.”~Erriel Simon

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