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Let’s Take A Walk Down Meme-ory Lane For Chris Evans’ 38th Birthday

Chris Evans made his way into our hearts by playing the role of Captain America, but over the past couple years, he’s transformed into an outspoken activist on Twitter that people love–but ever more-so, they love to make him into a meme.

If you’ve somehow made your way through the Twitterverse without seeing any of these memes, you’re not following the right people. Photos of Chris along with some of our other favorite Avengers–including Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Michael B. Jordan, and Tom Hiddleston–were made into the perfect reaction pictures by giving them a set of acrylics and as you might be able to imagine from that description alone, the result is absolutely hilarious.

This all started when an old video of Chris Evans saying, “I’m Captain America, Period” resurfaced from an interview when he was promoting Civil War back in 2016. Obviously, this was before The City Girls’ iconic “PERIODT” was a thing, but naturally, everyone ran with it and decided to make Chris Evans a City Girl.

Like I mentioned before, Chris has become pretty active on social media, a majority of the time using his platform for speaking out about certain political issues he’s passionate about–but in an amazing turn of events, Captain America himself ended up coming across a video compilation of some of his best acrylic-clad memes. And of course, he’s a fan.

This tweet–even more than the joy already brought by the memes themselves–set the internet on fire…because there’s something so comforting about knowing that Chris Evans likes the sight of himself with a fresh set of nails. The internet can really be a wonderful place, sometimes.

With that being said, there are A LOT more memes where that came from. So, for Chris’ birthday, I thought we should compile them all here for your viewing pleasure. But not before looking at some of the heart-warming birthday wishes from some of his fellow Avengers. Really softens the blow after that whole “Iron Man is dead and Captain America is super old and never going to be in another Avengers movie” thing, huh?!

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at the best, the funniest, and the most outrageous memes of Chris Evans in honor of his 38th birthday. Even though we won’t always have him on the big screen, we’ll always have him on Twitter.

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