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Unfortunately, Sebastian Telfair got hit with a three-and-a-half-year sentence for gun charges this week. Footage of the former NBA point guard’s reaction in a Brooklyn court after learning his fate is painful to watch.

“Please don’t take me from society right now,” said Telfair, per the New York Post. “I am 34. I can go play in China for six years and take care of my family. I’m waiting for my daughter right now to get her period. Real mental illness because I wasn’t around … She hasn’t even gotten her period yet.”

Whoa. You can see the fear in the Brooklyn native’s eyes as he pleads not to be taken away (see clip below).

“I’m being convicted on purpose, that’s what the headline need to be,” Telfair can be heard saying, clearly none too pleased with the jury’s decision.

The Judge’s response was cold and sobering. “I’m not going to say very much, I’ve observed you throughout the trial,” said Judge John Hechtt per the New York Daily News. “I don’t think the people disagree… the judgement in this case sir, is what the jury convicted you of … You’ve achieved greatness in your life and this case doesn’t take that away.”

Ya hate to see it.

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