Even the best of couples go through challenging times

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We all know that saying, “Women like bad boys.” Well according to some Canadian researchers, this statement could actually be close to the the truth. These Canadian researchers have found that men who show psychopathic traits are found to be way more attractive to women, than those men who do not show psychopathic traits.

In their study called  Evolutionary Psychological Science, the scientists discovered that  men with psychopathic behavior were well-liked, didn’t experience much remorse, and lied often. These traits create a personality style that is very attractive to women. In the study, researchers studied 46 men in controlled dating videos and found that women found men with certain psychopathic traits to be more desirable based on general attractiveness, sexual attractiveness, and confidence. The study also showed that these benefits were only short term.

Are women chasing after crazies?! We’re not sure but the information is very interesting!




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