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Protests in Baltimore After Funeral Held For Baltimore Man Who Died While In Police Custody

Source: Drew Angerer/Stringer / Getty

A video posted onto a social media shows a Clayton Country police officer pulling and pointing a gun on a group of teenagers who appeared to be walking down the street. The disturbing video shows the officer pointing the gun at the kids with their hands in the air as bystanders plead to the officer to put the gun down. The standoff lasted about 5 minutes as upset neighbors expressed their anger with the officer. According to IG page hollywoodunlocked, witnesses said these kids (13-15) were walking and took a shortcut to the store when stopped-held at gun point by the officer. 

According to officials a call was made to police from a local store owner saying the boys were stealing, playing with a gun and fighting. Later police revealed the boys were playing with a BB gun and shadow boxing.

You can watch the video, below but the language is graphic.