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VIA: WWD Fashion

Chris Brown clearly does not fear bad publicity: the controversial R&B singer gamely posed alongside a bruised and bloodied Jean Paul Gaultier at the end of the French designer’s boxing-themed show.

Gaultier’s injuries were fake, but the juxtaposition is bound to stir up memories of the photographs published last year of singer Rihanna after her assault at the hands of Brown, her boyfriend at the time. Brown pleaded guilty last summer to felony assault.

Before the show, the singer said he was looking forward to the release in May of “Takers,” a heist movie in which he stars alongside Matt Dillon. Brown noted he is also open to any propositions in the fashion field, though he would prefer to collaborate with a label rather than launch a full line under his own name.

“It has to kind of blend with what I’m doing because I’m so busy,” he said.

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