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Voter suppression in Georgia has become a huge problem after the 2020 elections. New voter suppression laws have been introduced into Georgia state legislation and we want to make sure you are aware of all the changes. Some of these newly introduced laws aim to burden eligible voters, in particular people of color, the elderly, students and folks with disabilities.

Below is a list from of all the new proposed bills that could fringe on your constitutional right to vote.

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Requires two sets of Photo ID to vote absentee

Requires voter ID to request an absentee ballot

Bans all drop boxes

Ends automatic voter registration

Prohibits new Georgia voters from voting in runoff elections

Ends NO-EXCUSE absentee voting

SB 73

Bans non-profits from mailing absentee ballot applications

CLICK HERE to read about more proposed bills from the Georgia General Assembly


Do you know who your state representatives in the House and the Senate are? Below we’ve listed Georgia’s representatives in the House and the Senate:

CLICK HERE if you would like to contact your GEORGIA SENATORS  

CLICK HERE if you would like to contact your  GEORGIA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES