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Comedian and actor DC Young Fly stopped by former football player and sports commentator Shannon Sharpe’s podcast “Club Shay Shay” to reveal some exciting news of him and Chris Tucker working together under one condition.

On the episode, the Atlanta comedian shares that Tucker said that he would be willing to make another Friday, only if DC Young Fly agreed to play his son. DC Young Fly discloses the information on Sharpe’s podcast in hopes that the right person will hear it and pick it up.

The cult classic Friday starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker originally debuted in 1995. The hit film followed Craig Jones, played by Ice Cube, who has just gotten fired for stealing cardboard boxes on his day off. Things get progressively worse for Craig, as it’s Friday, rent is due, he hates his overbearing girlfriend, Joi, played by Paula Jai Parker, and his best friend, Smokey, played by Tucker, owes the local drug deal money. Craig and Smokey experience the gamut of the hood, complete with crackheads, shoot-outs, and overly sexual pastors, concentrated in one single, unbelievable Friday.

The film franchise was followed by two other movies, Next Friday starring Cube and Mike Epps and Friday After Next starring Cube, Epps, Crews and Katt Williams. The series is a fan favorite amongst classic Black cinema.

Since 2011, Cube has talked about creating the final film in the series titled Last Friday. According to IMDB, two scripts were written over the course of 8-9 years. Cube wrote a draft at the end of 2011 and turned it in the following year. He even wrote Smokey in it, but Tucker had been reluctant to return. However, the film was said to end up in development hell due to Tucker’s reluctance and budget not being met for over 3 years until New Line Cinema has new leadership.

Things have changed as DC Young Fly mentioned in the interview. “I ain’t supposed to say this but I don’t care we getting old,” DC Young Fly says to Sharpe in the clip.

“Chris Tucker out his mouth told me… literally this year. Sorry OG. I’m [going] to say it,” DC continues. “He said if I play his son, he’d be in the movie.”

DC Young Fly has always been compared to Tucker in his rise to stardom, because of their uncanny similarities. DC has credited Tucker in the past as a huge influence on his comedic style. The two are both from Atlanta, Georgia and share a similar dialect and physical mannerisms.

“So if this ever reach out to anybody,” DC urges listeners and reiterates Tucker’s promise to him. “I promise you out his mouth this is what he said to me. He said if you play my son I’d be in the movie.  I swear.”

Host Sharpe adds, “I want a little cameo. I got to do something. Let me be Deebo.”

DC Young Fly responds, “You can be the new Damon. Terry Crews. I don’t think nobody scared of Terry no more.”

The two share a laugh as the clip ends.

Would you want to see DC Young Fly and Chris Tucker in the next iteration of the Friday franchise? Watch the clip below.


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