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Rap superstar Lil Wayne has been claiming Blood on wax for a while now, but a recent episode of the History Channel’s “Gangland” begs the question, exactly what set is Weezy claiming?

The episode featured a ruthless New Orleans gang called the Gotti Boyz.

“We ain’t wearin’ no red rags. We ain’t playin’ no Crips and Blood s*** down here,” a Gotti Boy member says in the episode.

A New Orleans police officer also chimed in: “The Crips and Bloods tried to establish themselves here, and these guys killed them. Simple as that.”

So if the Bloods were ran out of New Orleans, why is Weezy claiming to be one? If he’s really a Blood, why was he wearing a navy blue coat into court recently?

Watch the clip and let us know what y’all think. Is Weezy a studio gangsta?

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