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By now you all have heard about Trina’s nude pics that were reportedly leaked my someone in Decatur who found her cell phone. Well now we’re hearing that the Miami rapper may have leaked the pics herself.

Sources are saying that Trina leaked the pics herself to win back her ex-boyfriend, Denver Nuggets player Kenyon Martin, after he dumped her because she couldn’t accept him seeing his baby mama, Heather.

A source who is close to Trina’s camp said:

Kenyon is a nice guy. He paid for everything Trina wanted from hand bags, diamonds, those good lace fronts etc. After they split Trina really didn’t have ANY income (I’m not exaggerating ask anyone in Trina’s circle). So as soon as that money well ran dry and Trina realized Kenyon was serious she went on interviews and refused to speak on whether she and Kenyon were officially together or split. All the gold diggers from the mid-west to LA were preying on Kenyon because the word was he was a big TRICKER. Trina didn’t want any opportunist gold diggers getting that lavish lifestyle that she once lived, so she refused to officially admit they broke up. Kenyon’s been ignoring women lately because I think he got the memo women started seeing him as an ATM machine.

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In this audio recording from an interview with before the photos were leaked, Trina said she would be “devastated” if she lost her cell phone. The rapper insisted she would never leak photos as part of a publicity stunt.

Trina said, “I don’t feel as an artist that I need to expose myself. I don’t need to put out a nude photo for press.”


Trina and Kenyon Martin are really over