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Kanye West’s lawyer was in a Los Angeles court today seeking the dismissal of three misdemeanor charges filed against her client stemming from a confrontation West and his manager Don Crowley had with a pack of paparazzi at Los Angeles’ LAX airport on September 11th, 2008. West and Crowley were each charged with vandalism, battery and grand theft after smashing photography equipment during the incident; all three charges were thrown out in court today pending West and Crowley’s completion of 50 hours of community service, TMZ reports.

West and Crowley had already attended 12 hours of anger management classes and reimbursed the TMZ photographers for the damaged equipment in anticipation of today’s court date. West’s lawyer Blair Berk argued that her client was “wildly overcharged” given the paparazzi’s role in the incident, but while the judge and prosecution both agreed that West’s behavior was unacceptable, the judge said the charges would be dismissed if West and Crowley completed their community service term, which will be accredited to the Red Cross. West was not present in court during today’s proceedings since he had already settled with TMZ, which did not pursue charges against the rapper.

Below is a video clip of the incident.

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