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D4L’s Fabo seemed like he would be the breakout star from the group in the wake of its 2005 hit “Laffy Taffy.” The cat was flamboyant with his stunna shades, spaced-out lingo and snap dancing. However, that was four years ago, and Fabo’s music has come sporadically, while Shawty Lo has become the group’s standout, with hits like “Dun Dun” and “Dey Know.” Fabo told us recently it’s all good: He’s about to make a comeback.

“I just got a fresh deal with Atlantic. Still on Bankhead [Records],” he said. “D4L is out there now. We doing our thing, we working on a new album, we getting back together. Shawty Lo is doing his thing. I’m here in the streets.”

Fabo is also in the classroom. Yes, he’s been going to college.

“I went back to school for business and management,” he revealed. “I didn’t have a high school degree at the time. It’s all about bettering yourself. I got a high school diploma, now I go to school for business and management. I go to Ashworth College.” (A representative from the school told MTV News they are not allowed to divulge a student’s enrollment status.)

Fab said his fellow students initially made a fuss, but it’s all business as usual now.

“At first it was like, ‘You Fabo! You Fabo!” he recalled. “But after a while, I got such personality, I’m like your everyday next [door] cat. I’m getting great grades. I ain’t no honor roll student or nothing like that, but I’m making it. I’m trying to better myself, not wanting this to be the last stop for me. Having a couple of more kids and watching them grow, being there with them. I been in the streets all my life, it’s time to do something for me and my family, you feel me? So I went back to school. That’s a great thing!”