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In Erykah Badu’s latest music video, “Window Seat” – which instantly went viral yesterday on YouTube – the Dallas-born entertainer strips down with Dallas’ Dealey Plaza as a backdrop.

At the edited-in sound of a rifle shot, she falls to the ground with a jerk, within feet of where President John F. Kennedy was shot.

“I don’t understand how someone who lives here, who is a resident of this city, could do such a thing,” said Lindalyn Adams, a longtime civic volunteer who is credited with rescuing Dealey Plaza from neglect and exploitation in the 1980s.

John Crawford, president of the nonprofit Downtown Dallas, added: “It’s in poor taste and poor judgment, in my opinion.”

Badu said in an interview Monday that the video for “Window Seat” was a “protest” and “about liberating yourself.”

She said she chose Dealey Plaza as the backdrop because “the grassy knoll was the most monumental place in Dallas.”

Crowther said that had a complaint been filed, the charges may have been even more serious because the video shows children in the background.

Badu said she has no regrets about making the video.

Asked about the presence of minors, Badu said when she saw them, “I tried to telepathically communicate my good intent to them. That’s all I could do, and I hoped they wouldn’t be traumatized.”


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