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From AccessAtlanta:

Looks like T-Pain had a bad night last night.

The Auto-Tune loving Atlanta resident who tweets his every move has been in Dallas, and until last night was having a great time. Then he apparently crossed ways with club management somehow.

“Just got thrown out of the DJ booth,” he tweeted. “What is the world coming to when we get thrown out the DJ booth?”

Given the name of the club T-Pain tweeted repeatedly it looks like he was at a well-known Dallas strip club.

“OK I’m calling my wife and going to sleep after that,” he tweeted.

Details are a bit sketchy, but is reporting that Pain was beat up pretty badly by a club manager for not leaving the VIP. They reported that T-Pain was asked to buy a bottle or leave VIP and got confrontational with the club manager, even yelling anti-Mexican slurs at him.

An insider told, “It wasn’t really a fight [a Mexican guy] just punched T-Pain in the face a few times, and T-Pain ran out the club.”


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